Wednesday, October 21, 2009

back on the wagon

So I missed a few days, six to be exact, of blogtoberfest. Oops. A perfect storm of crazy deadlines at work and a teething baby drove me to it. But I'm back. Maybe I'll make up for it by going into November with a daily post. We'll see.

I discovered the HOW Magazine design blog which provided some needed inspiration:

{Calligraphy by Lisa Ridgely}

Check out Pen and Ink Journal featuring the amazing calligraphy of Maryland artist Lisa Ridgely. She even hand writes her blog entries.

I'm really enjoying Poppy Talk, a blog featuring emerging designers.

{Fabric by Repeat Studio}

Through Poppy Talk I found Repeat Studio and their amazing fabric.

{Gift tag by The Petite Press}

And The Petite Press filled with beautiful paper products.

I'm working on a tutorial for cute halloween candy bags and making a cookie purse for my friend's daughter. She is going to be Cookie Monster for Halloween and really wants a purse to go with her costume. Too cute!

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