Tuesday, October 19, 2010

two new things to love

Today, two creative ventures are brightening my morning. The first is Twelve Chairs, a new Boston shop that showcases gorgeous, sustainable products for the home. And the best part, I can walk there from my office. Yay!

Twelve Chairs at 319 A Street Boston, MA

The second thing is Srpuce Upholstery's new t.v. pilot found via Design Sponge. It is a fun, hip, look into the world of finding something old and turning it into something wonderful. I love the combination of design with physical labor. So fun!
Spruce_storefront edit (900x600).jpg
Spruce Upholstery, Austin Texas

1 comment:

Ada @ New York said...

Thanks for sharing the stores ... they both look liek stores that I would spend hours looking at :)