Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Shots from a recent Vermont trip

Sorry to have abandoned my blog for over a week now. My youngest (16 months) was sick with a contagious skin infection. It's amazing how quickly you change over to complete mommy mode when your child is sick. I spent days changing dressings, giving antibiotics, comforting, washing every sheet, piece of clothing, and towel in the house in hot water, and washing everyone's hands over and over again. Thank God she is fine and responding nicely to antibiotics. And luckily, the rest of us didn't catch the infection. My heart goes out to parents of children with long-term illnesses. I can't imagine the strength that it takes to constantly have to give medical care and always carry the heavy burden of worrying about your child's health.

I promise to be back to actively posting, I've missed it! : )

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Ada @ New York said...

I hope your 16 month old is feeling better. Wonderful that no one else in ur family got it ... mom to the rescue!!!! Sounds like u did a GREAT job!