Tuesday, July 20, 2010

logo design

As a designer, I love seeing the process behind finished artwork so I thought I would share the background on a recent project. I just finished a logo design for Gambale Consulting Partners. They specialize in development, marketing, and commercialization of new clinical solutions for the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical fields.

Here is the first round of logos that I presented. I created symbols that would suggest the medical/biotech field and used different typographic treatments for the name of the company. I start in black and white because the client can more easily focus on the design and not be distracted by choosing colors.

Once a logo was chosen, I moved on to a color exploration. My client wanted greens and blues and I also played with some gray and orange. At this stage, I also solved for how the tagline could work with the logo.

This was the final result.


Rachel O'Donnell said...

So neat to see your design process! The finished logo looks great!

Renee de Montaigne said...

Love them. Great work.